...and Welcome to where you are



Everyone wants to make their ways that have no pains.
I insist that that's how they go wrong on their ways.

Speaking of a human being, if he or she only care about public eyes, and one's safety, a person would be able to do nothing, but standing in the dark.

People are supposed to experience unpredictable and uncountable future.

I, on the other hands, has been trying to insist whatever I feel, playing the music no one would like, in order to find myself and to carry out my beliefs.

Why don't you try, even only for a moment, to stick to your beliefs even if it is wrong for common people?
Why don't you try to take the wrong way on purpose in order to see yourself?

Through doing so, you may feel something hot come out from your body as if a volcano erupts.

That is the PASSION, I think.